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Welcome to my web site... Enjoy!

This virtual gallery displays some of my art themes over many years.  Bodyscapes is the most recent body of work on the site.  The Garden series is the oldest shown. For a quick scan of my themes, please scroll down. To look at each theme in depth, please use the menu above. I'd love to hear from you. Please contact me at

Picture of Blanket In the Bodyscapes series, I bring together three traditional artistic subjects: landscape, still life, and human form.
Bra In the Out from Under series, the subject is underwear - women's panties and bras and men's briefs. I explore them in hopes of transcending familiar conceptions.
Picture of Sheet In Private Parts series, I explore the male anatomy as a formal and sometimes humorous subject.
Picture of Squash Plants In the Garden series, I simplify shapes found in nature and translate them into art.

To read my professional resume, a short biography, and a statement of my artistic approach, please click here.

Joan Lesikin